The Bend: Services

Learn Boldly

Excellent academic instruction that encourages curiosity, resiliency, and courage

Quality research techniques
Dedicated to growth
Writing, Publishing, and Editorial Consultation


 Irene always went above and beyond to provide both of our children with engaging and enriching teaching that enabled our kids to truly understand and integrate what they were learning.  Her skill sets, professionalism and commitment to teaching set Irene apart. 

Like a bending tree, learning is an ongoing and constantly changing endeavor. Bending Tree’s expertise is in the enhancement of the student’s voice, skill, and confidence. 

Services Include

  • General Private Tutoring (ELA, Science, Math, Art)
  • ISEE/SSAT test prep
  • College Prep Package
  • French Instruction, in conversation, translation, and writing
  • Personal Essay / Grant Writing / Personal Statement Development
  • Summer/Winter Vacation Package

Through processes of inquiry and verifiable techniques, my consultation practice results in students accessing their voice efficiently and confidently, while uncovering the courage and flexibility to launch a lifelong love of learning.

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